Customisable Courses

Lexis Education offers a range of professional development courses that address the literacy of subject areas such as science, history, geography, and mathematics. The courses can be tailor-made and usually consist of a total of 3 to 5 days of training, trialling and mentoring in class. There may be  activities to be completed between sessions. All aspects of the training are negotiable.

Lexis Education and DECD Publishing Courses

Lexis Education is the sole provider of accredited tutor trainers for the internationally-acclaimed professional development courses:

Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms: Language in Learning across the Curriculum

How Language Works: Success in Literacy and Learning

Literacy for Learning

Teaching Young Children in English in Multilingual Contexts

These courses have been developed by John Polias and Brian Dare and sometimes with other writers within the Department for Education and Child Development in the State of South Australia and are managed by the publishing arm of the Department, DECD Publishing.

For all the necessary information on the content of these courses and how and where they are offered, as well as how to register your interest in participating in the training, please visit the DECD Publishing website, Unlocking The World.